FAM Tours 

Media delegates attending GoMedia Canada 2019 have the opportunity to experience even more of Canada by attending a pre or post-event press trip. Upon registration, media delegates will have the opportunity to denote their top three choices. FAM tour assignments will be confirmed and communicated to media delegates by May 20, 2019.
Alberta - Summer in the City Pre Tour August 6 - 11 Alberta’s major cities and mountain towns come alive in the Summer with diverse festivals, bustling patios and delicious farm fresh food. Dive into local culture as our communities shine with homegrown artisans and musicians excited to share their talents with the world.  Click here
Pacific. Authentic. Richmond, BC.
Pre Tour August 8 - 11

Located on the West Coast of Canada, Richmond is a thriving city mixing Pacific culture and international cuisine, revitalizing wellness or delving into history.

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Red, White, and Brew: Evolution of BC’s Wine Country

Post Tour August 15 - 19 Evolution of British Columbia’s Wine Country
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Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure Pre Tour August 4 - 11 Hudson Bay has given Churchill many gifts, none as awesome and otherworldly as the ghostly belugas that visit its shores every summer. With some 60,000 beluga whales filling the Hudson Bay and polar bears leaving the pan ice, summer is the only time to see both great white icons at the same time, while soaking up the diverse culture and the vast natural landscape. Click here
Indigenous Winnipeg: Arts, Cultures, and Spirit Post Tour August 15 - 18 Winnipeg, at the geographical heart of Turtle Island (North America), is a city that pulses with Indigenous arts, cultures and spirit. Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg and Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada invite media to experience the resurgence of identity in this capital city that has the largest Indigenous population in the country.   Click here
Coastal and Urban Adventure on the Bay of Fundy  Pre tour August 6 - 11 Explore New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy—home of the highest tides in the world—on a coastal adventure tour from idyllic St. Andrews by-the-Sea to Saint John, the vibrant city on the Bay…and walk on the ocean floor!  Click here
Torngat Mountains National Park Post Tour August 15 - 21 Experience the natural wonders and the culture & history of Torngat Mountains National Park, an Inuit homeland. Click here
Taste of Nova Scotia Pre tour August 5 - 10 When our land, sea and people come together, you’ll find yourself asking for more. Click here

Northern Ontario

Pre Tour

August 6 - 11

Discover Ontario’s Spectacular North! You will be participating in an engaging road trip along the North coast of the world’s largest freshwater lake – Lake Superior.

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Cruise on the Rideau Canal 

Pre Tour

August 7 - 11

Discover the culture, beauty and picturesque towns located along the famous Rideau Canal on a Premier Class canal cruise. A unique hands-on cruising experience which allows you to steer the boat and determine how the day’s adventure unfolds. 

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Canadian Contrasts In and Around Ottawa Pre Tour August 8 - 11 A fun exploration of quintessentially Canadian experiences in and around Ottawa Click Here
Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites For You To Explore Post Tour August 15 - 18 Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites for you to explore in South Eastern Ontario. Click Here
Niagara Falls & Beyond – One Wonder After Another Post Tour August 15 - 18 Experience the natural wonder of Niagara Falls and related regional activities that include enjoying memorable food & drink. Click Here
Future & Tradition Post Tour August 15 - 20 Experience the blend of cherished traditions and the dynamic trends of the future that combine in Ontario to create today’s remarkable travel experiences. Click Here
Island Life That is Packed with Flavour Pre Tour August 7 - 11 This itinerary is for scenery and food lovers – with an abundance of local culinary delights and beautiful views throughout our Island’s coastal communities and small towns. Click here
Ultimate road trip - Central Coastal and North Cape Coastal Drive
Post Tour August 15 - 19 A glimpse of Island life along the coastal regions of Central and Western Prince Edward Island.  Click here
The Best of Nature Getaways in Authentic Quebec Pre Tour August 7 - 11 Experience amazing nature getaways in forest lodges, explore the great outdoors and taste some of the best local products. Click here
Discover Outaouais -  the Québec side of Canada’s Capital Region Pre Tour August 8 - 11 History, culture and nature Click here
Discover Québec City, the regional accent and Charlevoix  Pre Tour August 8 - 11 Québec City, the heart of French North America and a UNESCO World Heritage City, is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Enjoy a plethora of historical, cultural and outdoor activities, not to mention world-class events and gastronomic delights.  Click here
The Explorer’s Route Post Tour August 15 - 20 Go off the beaten track and explore the west of Canada’s Belle Province. Quebec’s hidden treasures will arouse your curiosity and take you from the Laurentians to Outaouais, through to Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Browse this vast territory and relive encounters with First Nations Peoples. Discover the early moments of colonization, then leave the cities for the villages and discover the history of these regions. Click here
An authentic Inuit adventure in Nunavik Post Tour August 15 - 20 Live an authentic Inuit adventure in Quebec’s Far North region of Nunavik, amidst spectacular scenery and landmarks, while you discover the unique way of life and culture of your hosts and encounter the fabulous Arctic wildlife.  Click here
Into the Great Wide Open: A Closer Look at Grasslands National Park Pre Tour August 5 - 11 Experience the solitude of the wide-open plain as the prairie wind ripples a sea of grasses beneath the clear blue sky. Click here
Yukon gold Post Tour August 15 - 20 Seeking Yukon Gold – through the eyes and footsteps of the Klondike Goldrush stampeders. Click here
Kluane/Yukon Indigenous Culture Post Tour August 15 - 20 Experience and celebrate the history and culture of Yukon First Peoples set in and around the spectacular scenery of Kluane National Park. Click here